Dongas, transportable buildings, portables, demountables, site huts - call them what you want - these are a vital, cost effective solution to any industry. Our range of transportable buildings includes:
  • Offices - Single Floor and Multi Floor Complexes  
  • Sales and Commercial Offices, Display Offices    
  • Lunch (crib) Rooms and First Aid Rooms
  • Park and Tourist Accommodation Cabins
  • Accommodation Camps
  • Training and Conference Rooms
  • Toilets and Ablution Shower Blocks Including Waste Tanks
  • Change Rooms and Bath Houses
  • Special Events inc Canteens, Ticket Offices, Corporate Box's etc  
  • Classrooms and Recreation Centres                               
  • Laundry and Store Rooms
  • Kitchens and Diners
  • Gate Houses and Security Huts

If you need more room you can hire it or buy it, custom made for your requirements.

Hire & Sales
It's simple, what ever your requirements are let us know and we will find the solution to your problem. Whether it's for short or long term hire or a unit specifically designed for your needs. The 'transportable' concept is there for all requirements.

Our unique 'Sandwich Panel' construction means an end to all your wet floor rotting problems. The foam filled colorbond cladded wall and roof paneling (aka 'Sandwich Panel' ) means that cleaning these traditionally dirt/grime attracting units is as simple as bringing in the hose or gernie and cleaning away. There are no worries about rotting out any timber products because there are none!

Custom Builds
Got an idea or concept for space solution? Do you have a space problem you just can't sort out? Share your problem with us and worry about something else!